Fall of the Evening Star

Vandel: I have a squirrel

So you had a bad day. . .

So. Good news bad news time.

Good news! The sun may not be shining, but it still watches over us! During all our battles today, hardly anyone took a blow! I wasn’t needed to cure anyone in this bout. We lasted (quite comfortably) till we visited Elf… Uhm. The lady (which happened to be a little more than disturbed Nymph) that was suppose to guide us in the forest happened to not take kindly to our presence. And attack us. Oh. And there was werewolves. Scratchy beasties. But the crazy lady was eventually, er, subdued by The great and mighty Loriss. I think she was retching. Anyway she vaguely gave us some direction. At least. We left her alone, for the most part. Since, apparently she is a nice woman in her off time. Not when we’re around though. Unkind.

We also acquired the sword we need to stab the bad man. Light calls to light and so on and so forth. We need to sort of ‘recharge’ the blade in the ‘Day Heart’ Which, of course, refers to the sun. So. How. Are. We. Suppose. To. Recharge it if there is NO SUN SHINING?!


Bad news: I’m blind.

And I can’t fix it.

And Loris can’t fix it.

And Ashlyn can’t fix it.

And Elf can’t fix it.

And LORIS can’t fix it.

And I’m blind.

And… and… I have a squirrel. A Maggie squirrel. Lovely fur. Soft to the touch.

… And the squirrel can’t fix it either.



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