Fall of the Evening Star

Khida: Some ragged pages

Things have been getting more hazardous here. I’m afraid that [crossed out, illegible]

The good news from today is, we found the sword we’ve been seeking. The bad news is that it seems as though it needs to be recharged by something. We spoke with a nymph who said that the sword needed to be stabbed into something called the dayheart, whatever that is. It may be the sun. She wasn’t entirely clear. She seemed…off. This entire place seems off. The worse news is that the cheerful one has been blinded. It is unclear how long the effect will last, or if it is permanent. Even more worrying, our healer’s spells do not seem to be working on many of us. Never fear, though. We shall defeat the evil that suffuses this place.

Stay away Don’t You should [illegible]

I hope you are well. When I return, we will have many things to discuss. You [illegible]

I [illegible]



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