Fall of the Evening Star

Loriss' Letters 032211

Dear Taelia,

I had a very unfortunate day. A series of occurrences that resulted in discomforting results. A hideous beast attacked me and I was forced to assault it with my maximum power. Naturally I made short work of the foul creature, poorly disguised as a woman, I laid her out with scorching rays. When I return I shall instruct you in the use of these for they are quite useful in a multitude of situations. Before that this swarm of insects assaulted my delicate disposition and the fires of Lorenthia were all that could move my spirit. Their warm glow carried me through the day. Until I was able to receive aid from miss Kendrick. A wonderful mage that one, she has aided me many times in the past. I recovered an artifact I am not sure of its exact purpose but with study the answer will surely be revealed. I also acquired an orb that seems to heighten my awareness. This trip is finally proving fruitful the more power I obtain the easier it will be to return the scroll. Tell your brother I have a gift for him when I return. It should give him something to raise his spirit.



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