Fall of the Evening Star

Loriss' Letters 04052011

Dear Taelia,

I’ve been working on some theories, and one of these is proving quite promising. I have found a method of increasing my magical energy substantially. Though it doesn’t last permanently I suspect it will more than suffice for these insignificant squabbles I’ve been pulled into as of late. I’ll need more time to test it but if all goes as planned it should speed my progress considerably. There is potentially an unusual side effect, nothing dangerous mind you just odd. Today the High Elf who travels with me tried to take his own life. He was always high strung I figured it was only a matter of time before he snapped. Hopefully it won’t get in the way of the mission. We were walking through some ruins today it reminded me of the Festival of Memory. You would always insist that I walk you through the maze of stone and Tallis would wander off so we’d spend the rest of the day searching for him. Perhaps when this is all over we can all travel together. I’ve accumulated a decent amount of gold when I return we should have enough to pay a healer to fix your leg. Soon I’ll have the scroll and free Tallis then we can go anywhere you want all of us as a family.



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