Fall of the Evening Star

Loriss' Letters 04192011

Dear Taelia,

I do not like this place. It is dirty and overrun with unpleasant creatures. Nothing and no one listens to reason here. Today I witnessed something so heinous I dare not write of it. To think such a thing could happen, even if he was lesser kin. You needn’t worry, I have the knowledge and power of Lorenthia as my guide no such tragedy shall befall me. We have recovered the second artifact and are hopefully close to the third. Our progress is hindered at every turn but with my guidance the party moves forward. The brute still hasn’t learned her place, playing with things she doesn’t understand, fortunately Xavian was able to help her see reason and leave these things of value to professionals. I fear it will only be temporary she seems a bit slow. The talky half-right seems to be as cheerful as ever he continues to spread some sort of sickness about its effects don’t last long but I am working on a way to counter it. I shall not be outdone. In the meantime I will continue to document my journey until I return be well.



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