Fall of the Evening Star

Loriss' Letters 05032011

Dear Taelia,

Today has continued to be a tedious progression of events. I was forced to slay more corrupted brethren and had an encounter with yet another unreasonable woman. She assaulted me for no reason then Xavian insisted I stay my hand. He is too soft, if we were back in Library I would have let the Council deal with her, but she was tainted and in these barbaric wastes there is little to be done save put them down. One day his foolhardy actions will be his undoing. His unwillingness to act has resulted in Sunshine‘s loss of sight. Magnacealia is taking care of him now but it will be troublesome having to keep an even closer eye on him. Too bad it wasn’t the savage with her stumbling around blind she might actually stay out of the way for once, though I doubt it. A blinded ally was not the worst of it, Lady Kendrick has taken upon some affliction that is impeding her abilities. I hope to know the cause soon we haven’t the time to be losing valuable team members when we are so close to our goal. There are too many problems without immediate solutions may the wisdom of Lorenthia guide me. Be well sister I shall not allow these inconveniences to deter my progress our day of reunion shall come.



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