Fall of the Evening Star

Loriss' Letters 05312011

Dear Taelia,

I have once more averted certain destruction. A powerful being was to be unleashed into this realm but you have my assurance my Lorenthian training has proven highly effective against this paltry resistance. Identify, analyze, and destroy. I pray you will never have to use the fundamental principles. Vandal has proven to be more useful blinded. He is more apt to follow directions. The foolish Low Elf went and got himself killed and now we have to deal with his loud mouthed sister. Nothing but a bastardization of her former self no longer able to call herself an elf now Xavian has become tainted as well perhaps when this is through I shall put them down so they may rest in peace together. Of course depending on the events that follow it may be sooner rather than later they return to their ancestors. Regardless everything is moving along as scheduled. Soon I will take Straud’s fortress and then I will find where he is hiding the scroll, even if I have to burn it to the ground and dig through the ashes. The barbarian has a spell on her, it as if her incompetence grows each and everyday. So far I have been able to make up for it but she is becoming a loose end costing us time and putting the mission at risk. If I can’t find a way to use her to my advantage I may be forced to get rid of her… Perhaps I shall take a day of study. It will clear my head and put me at ease.



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