A haunted young girl barely clinging to the friends she has made...


Very little is definitely known about Evening, but several things cannot be ignored. She is young, apparently in her late teens, and is very thin and pale with jet black hair and dark eyes. She doesn’t speak often and usually only a few words at a time.

Everyone seems to be after Eve. From the mysterious Black Hand cult to Amon Thiss the rougish man who keeps turning up, to the Harpers guild in Blackmoor who think she is behind the ruination of cities, everyone seems interested in Evening. Exactly why all this attention is on her is still unclear.

Evening has a paralyzing fear of demons. Nothing else seems to faze her much, not fierce beasts or undead horrors, however the presence of the demonic usually causes her to do little but hug her knees and chant. There is a mark of ownership on her back that was recently revealed to be the mark of Orcus, a demon prince. Evening has said little on the matter.

Lately Eve has been even more dispondant than normal. Sleeping even less and spending a lot of time staring at her own shadow.


Fall of the Evening Star PhibbyRizo