Tesseract Beaumont


STR 14
DEX 16
CON 10
INT 15

HP 12 AC 17




Father: Iceis (ice-i-ss)
Mother: Lasonya (la-saun-yah)
Eldest Brother: Grimmwell (grim-well)
2nd Son: Dancara (dan-care-ah)
3rd Son: Dion (dion)
4th Son: Tesseract (tess-er-act)
Younger Sister: Aileena (ai-lean-ah)

Heretofore Birth

The Start Isn’t Always the Beginning.

Twenty-six years before Tesseract was born, his parents fell in love. No, not first site. And not lust. They fell in love. They’d know each other for seven years, and spent a lot of there time in each other’s presence, but it wasn’t until the announcement of Lasonya’s engagement, that Iceis felt the need to confess. They were told it could never work, right from day one, before any of the feeling had time to develop, that they could never be together. Iceis was a street urchin, and Lasonya was a noble lady. It was pure coincidence that they had even met, and only pure luck that kept them together.

But this isn’t their story. Stop me if I’m getting off track now. As I said, twenty-six years ago his mother and father decided that they would run away together. Iceis was worried, yet determined, how was he suppose to feed his new wife? He fed him self on other people’s wallets most of the time after. Not that others’ would buy him meals, no, he just had a way of finding wallets that had yet to go missing.

Rise of the Ravens Web

It was Lasonya’s suggestion that they start up a thieves guild, of sorts. After all, there was so much more you can do when you have more bodies to do it. It grew pretty quick under the guiding hand of Iceis and the wit of Lasonya. When with a larger organization it was harder to keep it all from coming down, to keep all their men from getting caught.

So they stole in a new way. Among the hidden. They stole into society, and posed as neighbors. Slipped into the churches, the guard, and local shops. If the place made gold, there was likely a member of the Ravens Web there. This is what set them apart from all the other thieves, and the funny thing? No one knew to look out for them. They were a whisper in the shadow.

They sat in their comfort for four years, until they decided to make their prize heir. They have their first child Grimmwell, whom they immediately start grooming to be the successor. Three years later they had their second son Dancara, followed by their third Dion three years later. While they were raising Grimmwell to be the one who took over the family, Iceis told his children that if they thought they could do better than their eldest brother, they could try to take the position from him. Needless to say this caused the brothers not to grow to be terribly close to one another.

Grimmwell stuck close to his father, and took on his own sub group within the organization. Dancara became the leader of the guard

Tesseract Beaumont

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