Xavian Duskwalker

Elven Duskblade


I was a knight who fought for my father, Lord --. I had only one blood kin and that was Deedlit, she was never very capable so I would protect her always. I was sent out with a group of solders to investigate a cave in the mountains near our dens, there was a considerable amount of undead activity in the area within the past few moons so I was sent to investigate and take care of any abnormalities. What we found we were not prepared for. A Lich had taken up residence within the system of caves. He had already amassed a small army which we could only guess he was planning on using against us and the other nearby dens. We did not get very far before he made his own appearance and made short work of us.
He brutally killed my solders but not me. Gods knows why he sparred my life, but he did. I did not go without a toll however, he drained me of my power, my ability, and my memory. All I have learned as a Spellsword gone in the blink of an eye.

The next thing I knew I was in my quarters back in the Palace, laying in bed While Deedlit watched over me. She was tearing up and so very happy to see I was still alive. She informed me that a scouting party had found my body laying in the forest with nobody else around. They could not find the solders I was sent out with.
My men…Gone. I was distraught, but did not let it halter me. I informed my father post haste of the threat that loomed and he sent out forces immediately.

The cave was empty. Although it was obvious it was recently cleared out.

Deedlit had this habit of running away, she would always go out and explore, she wanted to adventure more than anything. But I feared for her life, she was not adept enough to handle life out there on her own. I always tracked her down and brought her home.

When we finished checking the caves and verifying all was clear, we made our way back.
Hell awaited us.
The Lich made short work of our den while we were out. There was not much left when we got back, fires raged and bodies lined the walkways. And yet again, no sign of the undead.
We spread quickly helping the injured and preventing the fires from spreading throughout the forest. It did not take long to find that Deedlit was nowhere to be seen. She was gone. Gods know if she was killed, turned, or captured.
I wasted no time.
I opted to leave the den as soon as possible, leaving behind all other solders to protect and rebuild. I would be fine on my own.

My travels lead me to the Harpers Guild. A guild that took on jobs to protect and serve. And it allowed for travel, this would be a good opportunity to assist me in finding her.

This where it all began.

Xavian Duskwalker

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