Fall of the Evening Star

Loriss' Letters 05312011

Dear Taelia,

I have once more averted certain destruction. A powerful being was to be unleashed into this realm but you have my assurance my Lorenthian training has proven highly effective against this paltry resistance. Identify, analyze, and destroy. I pray you will never have to use the fundamental principles. Vandal has proven to be more useful blinded. He is more apt to follow directions. The foolish Low Elf went and got himself killed and now we have to deal with his loud mouthed sister. Nothing but a bastardization of her former self no longer able to call herself an elf now Xavian has become tainted as well perhaps when this is through I shall put them down so they may rest in peace together. Of course depending on the events that follow it may be sooner rather than later they return to their ancestors. Regardless everything is moving along as scheduled. Soon I will take Straud’s fortress and then I will find where he is hiding the scroll, even if I have to burn it to the ground and dig through the ashes. The barbarian has a spell on her, it as if her incompetence grows each and everyday. So far I have been able to make up for it but she is becoming a loose end costing us time and putting the mission at risk. If I can’t find a way to use her to my advantage I may be forced to get rid of her… Perhaps I shall take a day of study. It will clear my head and put me at ease.

Loriss' Letters 05032011

Dear Taelia,

Today has continued to be a tedious progression of events. I was forced to slay more corrupted brethren and had an encounter with yet another unreasonable woman. She assaulted me for no reason then Xavian insisted I stay my hand. He is too soft, if we were back in Library I would have let the Council deal with her, but she was tainted and in these barbaric wastes there is little to be done save put them down. One day his foolhardy actions will be his undoing. His unwillingness to act has resulted in Sunshine‘s loss of sight. Magnacealia is taking care of him now but it will be troublesome having to keep an even closer eye on him. Too bad it wasn’t the savage with her stumbling around blind she might actually stay out of the way for once, though I doubt it. A blinded ally was not the worst of it, Lady Kendrick has taken upon some affliction that is impeding her abilities. I hope to know the cause soon we haven’t the time to be losing valuable team members when we are so close to our goal. There are too many problems without immediate solutions may the wisdom of Lorenthia guide me. Be well sister I shall not allow these inconveniences to deter my progress our day of reunion shall come.
Khida: A small sealed envelope

Envelope tucked in Khida’s belongings:

Written on the front of the envelope: For Pascal- to open in the event of my demise

Another envelope, sealed. Written on the front: Aurian Varys, Xeph Valley.

Contents of this envelope:
A single gold earring.

Vandel: I have a squirrel
So you had a bad day. . .

So. Good news bad news time.

Good news! The sun may not be shining, but it still watches over us! During all our battles today, hardly anyone took a blow! I wasn’t needed to cure anyone in this bout. We lasted (quite comfortably) till we visited Elf… Uhm. The lady (which happened to be a little more than disturbed Nymph) that was suppose to guide us in the forest happened to not take kindly to our presence. And attack us. Oh. And there was werewolves. Scratchy beasties. But the crazy lady was eventually, er, subdued by The great and mighty Loriss. I think she was retching. Anyway she vaguely gave us some direction. At least. We left her alone, for the most part. Since, apparently she is a nice woman in her off time. Not when we’re around though. Unkind.

We also acquired the sword we need to stab the bad man. Light calls to light and so on and so forth. We need to sort of ‘recharge’ the blade in the ‘Day Heart’ Which, of course, refers to the sun. So. How. Are. We. Suppose. To. Recharge it if there is NO SUN SHINING?!


Bad news: I’m blind.

And I can’t fix it.

And Loris can’t fix it.

And Ashlyn can’t fix it.

And Elf can’t fix it.

And LORIS can’t fix it.

And I’m blind.

And… and… I have a squirrel. A Maggie squirrel. Lovely fur. Soft to the touch.

… And the squirrel can’t fix it either.

Khida: Some ragged pages

Things have been getting more hazardous here. I’m afraid that [crossed out, illegible]

The good news from today is, we found the sword we’ve been seeking. The bad news is that it seems as though it needs to be recharged by something. We spoke with a nymph who said that the sword needed to be stabbed into something called the dayheart, whatever that is. It may be the sun. She wasn’t entirely clear. She seemed…off. This entire place seems off. The worse news is that the cheerful one has been blinded. It is unclear how long the effect will last, or if it is permanent. Even more worrying, our healer’s spells do not seem to be working on many of us. Never fear, though. We shall defeat the evil that suffuses this place.

Stay away Don’t You should [illegible]

I hope you are well. When I return, we will have many things to discuss. You [illegible]

I [illegible]

Evening's Thoughs

…………I’m scared.

Loriss' Letters 04192011

Dear Taelia,

I do not like this place. It is dirty and overrun with unpleasant creatures. Nothing and no one listens to reason here. Today I witnessed something so heinous I dare not write of it. To think such a thing could happen, even if he was lesser kin. You needn’t worry, I have the knowledge and power of Lorenthia as my guide no such tragedy shall befall me. We have recovered the second artifact and are hopefully close to the third. Our progress is hindered at every turn but with my guidance the party moves forward. The brute still hasn’t learned her place, playing with things she doesn’t understand, fortunately Xavian was able to help her see reason and leave these things of value to professionals. I fear it will only be temporary she seems a bit slow. The talky half-right seems to be as cheerful as ever he continues to spread some sort of sickness about its effects don’t last long but I am working on a way to counter it. I shall not be outdone. In the meantime I will continue to document my journey until I return be well.
Loriss' Letters 04052011

Dear Taelia,

I’ve been working on some theories, and one of these is proving quite promising. I have found a method of increasing my magical energy substantially. Though it doesn’t last permanently I suspect it will more than suffice for these insignificant squabbles I’ve been pulled into as of late. I’ll need more time to test it but if all goes as planned it should speed my progress considerably. There is potentially an unusual side effect, nothing dangerous mind you just odd. Today the High Elf who travels with me tried to take his own life. He was always high strung I figured it was only a matter of time before he snapped. Hopefully it won’t get in the way of the mission. We were walking through some ruins today it reminded me of the Festival of Memory. You would always insist that I walk you through the maze of stone and Tallis would wander off so we’d spend the rest of the day searching for him. Perhaps when this is all over we can all travel together. I’ve accumulated a decent amount of gold when I return we should have enough to pay a healer to fix your leg. Soon I’ll have the scroll and free Tallis then we can go anywhere you want all of us as a family.

Things don't look good: A letter (Khida)

The more we find out about what’s going on around here, the less I like it. We’re now searching for a man creature named Strahd, who seems to be much dreaded around this area. Not without reason, from what I’ve been seeing. We’re trying to accumulate the artifacts necessary to defeat him, but the going has been slower than I’d like. I’m afraid that we’re running out of time.

I’m growing increasingly concerned about Eve. She’s developed some strange powers, and doesn’t seem to have much control over them. I’ve been studying magical texts in order to find out what’s the matter, but I haven’t found much of anything yet. According to a fortune-teller with whom we spoke, something is going to happen in…well, about a day and a half now. I don’t know if she’s trustworthy, however. I’ve heard that her gypsy group, the Vistani, act as informants for Strahd. She’s also told me something very worrisome regarding This whole mess has proven difficult to sort out, but I’ve been training very hard and taking advantage of the practice.

On the positive side, we have a new companion. She’s a paladin, but a good sort as far as paladins go. She’s proven well able to pull her weight in our recent fights.

Tell me you aren’t actually This place is too dangerous to I hope you are well ,and safe at home.

Loriss' Letters 032211

Dear Taelia,

I had a very unfortunate day. A series of occurrences that resulted in discomforting results. A hideous beast attacked me and I was forced to assault it with my maximum power. Naturally I made short work of the foul creature, poorly disguised as a woman, I laid her out with scorching rays. When I return I shall instruct you in the use of these for they are quite useful in a multitude of situations. Before that this swarm of insects assaulted my delicate disposition and the fires of Lorenthia were all that could move my spirit. Their warm glow carried me through the day. Until I was able to receive aid from miss Kendrick. A wonderful mage that one, she has aided me many times in the past. I recovered an artifact I am not sure of its exact purpose but with study the answer will surely be revealed. I also acquired an orb that seems to heighten my awareness. This trip is finally proving fruitful the more power I obtain the easier it will be to return the scroll. Tell your brother I have a gift for him when I return. It should give him something to raise his spirit.

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